X-Men Monday Episode 23: Do You Believe In Magik?


Estimated sales, news, and comic book reviews, you name it. Ryan and Allen are discussing it all on this week's episode. You've probably noticed your local comic shop still has stacks of Marvel Legacy variants, there's a reason why. Rob comes on and the guys break down Rob's October sales summary for the X-titles. Rob and Anthony also sit in a couple books this week. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Ryan and Allen have a stacked show for you this week. Thanks for listening! 

Intro (0:00), Estimated Sales (1:08), News (51:58), Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #2 (1:10:08), Weapon X #11 (1:16:16), X-Men Blue #15 (1:27:42), Secret Warriors #8 (1:54:46), Fastball Tweets (2:15:45), Generl Discussion (2:23:30)

Retcon X - "Teens Displaced"
Ongface - "Sax Me Your Resume"

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